Completed Projects

Page updated  15 Jan 17

Here is where I will list projects I am working on, completed projects. I plan to provide updates during the process and link to them once available,

Disclaimer : 

All links I place are to FG store product listing. I do NOT get any form of finacial beneifit from SmiteWorks, I do get a higher commission rate than if purchased on Steam. Go make your purchases where ever you normally do.

Weird Wars Rome: Moon Wizard actually did most of the work to bring this up to 3.2.0 standard, there a couple of thins I would like to get done before 3.2 goes live. There are still a couple of typos to be fixed and I would like to see where I can trim some excess code. 5 Jun 16    Weird Wars Rome on the FG Store

Weird Wars Rome theme extension: The theme is available, but I need to some work to this to make a small footprint, so this should get pulled from the store for that re work. It will be back

Mortar's Shaintar XP mini extension, It's only a few kilobytes, but it adjusts the PC XP thresholds to those of the setting. Screen shots and the extension can be found here. NOTE: This is now made obsolete with the release of the Shaintar Setting and extension by Kevin Doswelk.

Winter Eternal:
        Winter Eternal Campaign Setting

        Winter Eternal Adventure Guide: The Wastelands

        The Winter Eternal theme is complete, fixes have been made and submitted. +Eric Lamoureux did all   the work on this

The Last Parsec:

        The Last Parsec: Archetypes

        The Last Parsec: Omariss Death Worm

        The Last Parsec: Core

  1. Updated 29 Dec 16: Player and GM Guides are complete,  Prisma Service and Too Hot for San José have been combined to give you a starting agency with 12 pregens. Die Fast is complete as well. Gorillaconda and Researchers of the Lost City are done except for image work.

Castles and Crusades - Expanding Classes:  Expanding Classes