Monday, 21 August 2017

News of the Home Front

First, the "bad" news, this blog is about to become essentially an archive. No, I am not ceasing to be a blogger., just changing the platform. For blogging Blogger is great, I just wasn't able to do everything the way I wanted to.

I have a pretty wide range of interests from RPGs, and FG to writing and commentary on some socio-political issues and tech stuff like coding and so on... My intent was to try and keep it separated, so my audience (all ten or so of you) didn't have to read my rantings that didn't interest you. I found it really hard to, if not possible to accomplish that in a way I felt comfortable with.

Earlier this year I happened to purchase a few domain names, and a couple weeks ago I made the decision to move to a fully hosted and managed Word Press site using one of those domains. So all my rantings will be posted over there from now on.

Take a minute to stop by and  give me some feedback on what you think.

I do have an SSL certificate on it, but I don't plan on collecting/storing anything. Maybe down the road if I ever get to publish some books then I might about an email list for a author's newsletter. That's way in the future though.

Ont to the even worse news. I am still here and kicking. Its been a bumpy road - who am I kidding - more like non-stop moguls. I lost all focus for a while and literally wasn't sure who or where I was  for a bit. My wife had some serious health issues of her own and that kind of pulled me up.

Since then its been a slow uphill grind but its coming around. Focus is starting to comeback.

So to sum it up....I took an awfully large bite of that proverbial shit the whole freaking thing!

Check out my new site or not, but again flames and comments are always welcome.