Wednesday, 12 April 2017

You Can Build It - A Podcast about Social Media and Marketing

No, I am trying to market anything about social media, and I am not crazy...okay maybe a little..or a lot. This is a post about a really cool opportunity that I had today. It stemmed from me responding to a post in one of the G+ communities I am in.

I made a guest appearance on a podcast called You Can Build It tonight.

This podcast is generally geared to social media marketing,  how that same social media has affected society and the way we go about our daily lives.

Here is the link for the post that started it all. Nobody Reads Anymore.

In my opinion, Emily Hill made some valid and interesting points, so I responded as I so often do. It led to quite an awesome conversation. That conversation led to an invite from +Chuck Bartok  to appear on his podcast.

Since I am not a total tool, I jumped at the chance. I mean it is a podcast about marketing, right? When you think about it, every post or comment you make is, for better or worse, marketing yourself. Anecdotal evidence is readily available on Twitter - just search the current US President's tweets. I didn't decide to do it for the marketing, it was more for me to discuss how I fell social media is changing society.

We have become so connected online, everything is available simply by opening your favorite search engine that we have lost a bit of our personal connections. Perhaps we have lost more than a bit.

Look at how fast news travels now. Look at how many people tweet, share, or post images and stories in the different social media venues. "If it bleeds, it leads" is the old journalistic saying. We tend to see only the headlines and start getting wound up about the topic. Rarely do we take the time to gather This is something I am personally horrible at, I can't the comments on a lot news websites. In Ms. Hill's case, she took the time to read a story which had nothing to do with the sensationalized headline - she called the author out on it.

The response was, as Ms Hill explains, instant and hostile. Something else I happen to believe very strongly is that the perceived anonymity of the internet has about brought the rise of the internet dick head (I usually have far more interesting words) who thinks its cool to harass, belittle or demean somebody.

Its done simply because the dick head knows the person that is the target isn't going to reach out and bitch slap him. Its unfortunate because that' what those people need.

Getting down off my soap box now. If you my billions of faithful readers want to more check out the link and the other 359 episodes of the show on the link I provided. I suspect you will be hearing me more on this show. I mean, it is a show about marketing and what a better way to market myself ?

Thank you again, +Chuck Bartok for the invite, it was a pleasure and I will be back if you can put up with me.

As always, comments and trash talk welcome.