Thursday, 15 September 2016

Life Events, FG changes and a look a ahead

It been a bit too long since I last made a post, somehow I made it 2045 views. Which is way beyond the dozen or so I was expecting with each post. Here is the latest and breaking news, so read even if you don't care. I always welcome the harassment you readers can dish out.

The first good news I have to share, is that I have been accepted into the University Certificate Computing and Information Systems program at Athabasca University. This two year portion is completely cost free to me as a medical release from the Canadian Armed Forces. I do plan on turning into a full bachelors degree after though. We'll see what happens.

Second, through the extensive Occupational Therapy work I did in the spring/summer has translated to a job, and what started out as one or two shifts a week has turned into a 80 hours of work in a pay period. Its nice to have the self pride and the feeling of being able to contribute back again. Its been decent so far; yet it is a huge mental challenge to control myself and contain the monster within.

Third, and far most worry some for me a medication I have been on for 3 years was discovered to have actually been damaging the interior of my stomach and intestines. So that med was replaced with something else and I am now on an extra pill to attempt to repair or soften the damage effects. In another year or two I may have to have the damaged portions removed. I'll worry about then.

Fantasy Grounds/SmiteWorks has released a couple things over the last week and a bit, if you didn't look in the correct places you wouldn't have seen them.

The first was this little tid bit of XML code FG Wiki Reference Manual which cover the publicly released portions of the code used in the creation of the 5E material. I actually really like the nice clean look, and have seriously converting everything to that look. I just need to sit down and work at deciphering the portions of the code that haven't been released yet.

More importantly is this bit of info FG Data Structure and Best Practices. It is the start of streamlining all the rulesets and bringing a bit of sameness to the coding of modules. Older modules will be migrated to the this recommended structure. It does mean the both Weird Wars Rome and Winter Eternal are facing some slight reformatting of the XML, with WE seeing the largest hit of the XML bat. According to the overview, WE will likely become its separate components again, including the adventures. Given how tightly I integrated the Setting and Wasteland Adventure guides it will be a "fun" experience.

Another reason I want to get this correct now, I have a lot of stuff planned to convert. There may actually be times where I am working on 2-4 different conversions at once, hopping back and forth to keep myself interested

With that being said, I am looking at 3-4 products in support of Weird Wars Rome, 7 products for The Last Parsec, 6 ish products for Tropicana, as well as another 6-8 for Castles and Crusades. That's a pretty LARGE pile of work...but its not really work when you really enjoy doing it.

As always flames, comments and outright harassment welcome.