Wednesday, 3 August 2016

#RPGaDay #RPGaDAY2016

3 August, Proudest Character moment: Hmm, 35 years worth of gaming and the highs and lows that your characters will encounter. I am going to have to go with something from about a year and half ago.

Playing in +Eric Lamoureux' Weird Wars Rome The Half Set Sun. My character was the Decanus elevated to lead a century of my fellow legionnaires in retaking a backwater district of Aegyptus back from the treacherous Nubians.

I had to lead the century in the retaking of a series of Roman forts and a couple of local villages while keeping my losses as low as possible as I wasn't going to be getting any reserves. I wracked my brain and pored over the shared campaign map between every session working out plans and contingencies for every what if I could think of.

The effort of my planning paid off, we got some really nice modifiers to my Knowledge Battle rolls meaning we captured most of our objectives with very minimal losses. It was our group of heroes that took the most beating, and we were a little on the slow side to catch on when the weirdness started to happen.

We never got to finish that plot point campaign, but it was a blast. When the campaign stopped I still had almost all of my original force after seizing four of the forts and two villages. All the heroes were battered and bruised but still on their feet.

It was a blast to play.