Saturday, 13 August 2016

Last Parsec progress, and some experiences with the Science Fiction Companion

I started work on the Last Parsec a little less than a week ago. Progress has been decently fast, but it has come with a few bumps in the road and a whole lot of learning going on. I had never really used the Science Fiction companion or its extension all that much, and there are a few weird peculiarities that caught me off guard which took time for me to understand what was happening. Incidentally, that understanding was achieved after +Eric Lamoureux dropped a brick on my head.

I am still working on the conversion in FG 3.2.0 even though its not live yet, as I would rather find out problems as I work on it then after the module hit the store.

The first one involve the Omariss Death Worm module. This short Savage Tale was built entirely using the SW Enhanced Library Extension, and the SW NPC Maker extension.

In the screen cap the Omariss Death worm adventure viewable in the library, those entries being the ones set up by the enhanced library extension. On the right you can see the character selection screen with dragable character links at the bottom.

With or without the Sci Fi companion extension enabled, if you select the character through character selection window and you drag that button to the upper half of the window it works perfect. The character is now imported and available to your players.

If on the the other hand you go through the pre generated character library entry, and then selecting a character from that list it pops a console error and your selected character sheet is blank.

Looking around under the hood a bit, I suspect its likely due to the way the Enhanced Library extension exports the info as the XML involved is formatted differently then what FG is looking for to import your characters.

Right now its something for users to be aware of as you will still be able to get to them through the character selection window.

The second problem I ran into involves a template with the SW ruleset XML, and thee various modification types to things like weapons, robots, star ships and so on. If I didn't work directly in the module 95% of the time I might not have even noticed a thing. If you look at the various robots that are included in the Sci Fi companion you will notice that all their equipped mods appear on the front of the npc sheet as special abilities.

I was bit confused when I was building the robots from The Last Parsec, and none of the robot modifications can be dragged onto the front of the npc sheet. They and any of the other modification types are only dragable to the "main" or "notes" tab of  the npc or vehicle. Again, it took +Eric Lamoureux dropping a grand piano on my head to make me understand..

So while progress on the Last Parsec has been steady, I got slowed by my "does not compute moments". I am now bashing on through the star ships listed in the Core rule book manually in the xml...faster for me that way.

I will leave this image for you too check out...yes the sci fi theme available in the FG will need an update for 3.2.0.

I have lots of time this weekend to pound through inputting the rest of the star ships and vehicles and finish off the Player Guide. The GM guide is largely NPCs and tables, of those the NPCs will take the longest. So I might not be able to finish the Last Parsec like I wanted, but it won't  take me much longer.