Thursday, 11 August 2016

Day 11 #RPGaDAY

The answer to this today for me isn't so much the effect on the way I play, but more about the effect on my level of participation in games and in the gaming community. I am going to have to call out +Damian Hupfeld and +Eric Lamoureux on this.

Two years ago when I first came across Fantasy Grounds, I hadn't seriously in a couple years, that changed quickly. From being introduced to the Castles & Crusades and Savage Worlds via some one shots they ran to their endless energy in running new game, to their presence on the forums has been a force in me becoming more active - not just on the forums as my post counts climbs, but participating actively in the G+ communities I am a member,

From the early stages as I leaned how to input my home brew materials into FG, then eventually start making m own product conversions, then starting my own blog about progress on my conversions, and even now as I close in on the completion on my third project.

Their patience, crticism, advice and general all around help has been a fantastic source of support, and with that kick in the ass when I needed it has been of immeasurable help.

So thanks, and hat's off to you guys.