Saturday, 20 August 2016

A quick update on a couple of things

Just a couple of quick updates as I try to do this from my phone.
First, for OSR folks in the crowd out there, if you haven't picked up "An Adventure Most Fowl" by Grey Fey you need to. This little piece has a great story line, well thought out NPCs. Realistically, it could be used as a basis for starting a campaign. With the update given to the product the new layout and artwork are fantastic. The maps are done by Dysons Logos so you can't go wrong there.
Well worth it. Hats off to Howard Beleiff and.crew.  if you are interested you can check it at the link below:

For the folks more interested in The Last Parsec, the Player's Guide is basically complete. One of the vehicles was missing stats in the PDF. So,  I am waiting for some sort of answer from PEG on that.  I am now working on converting the bestiary portion of the book. Then its images and tokes.
Little bit slower than I would have liked, but comparatively the smallest conversion to date for me.
Hopefully in the next day or two I can add another post with some screen shoots.
As always, comments and flames always welcome!