Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What a crazy couple of weeks....projects finished, and projects underway

Yes, you read that correctly....projects finished up and projects started.

Like I said its been a really crazy ten days, both in my personal situation and my piece of the RPG world since I posted I was going to start The Last Parsec. Today's post is focusing on the last bit - my corner of RPG-dom. Its going to be a long post too folks!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A quick update on a couple of things

Just a couple of quick updates as I try to do this from my phone.
First, for OSR folks in the crowd out there, if you haven't picked up "An Adventure Most Fowl" by Grey Fey you need to. This little piece has a great story line, well thought out NPCs. Realistically, it could be used as a basis for starting a campaign. With the update given to the product the new layout and artwork are fantastic. The maps are done by Dysons Logos so you can't go wrong there.
Well worth it. Hats off to Howard Beleiff and.crew.  if you are interested you can check it at the link below:

For the folks more interested in The Last Parsec, the Player's Guide is basically complete. One of the vehicles was missing stats in the PDF. So,  I am waiting for some sort of answer from PEG on that.  I am now working on converting the bestiary portion of the book. Then its images and tokes.
Little bit slower than I would have liked, but comparatively the smallest conversion to date for me.
Hopefully in the next day or two I can add another post with some screen shoots.
As always, comments and flames always welcome!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Last Parsec progress, and some experiences with the Science Fiction Companion

I started work on the Last Parsec a little less than a week ago. Progress has been decently fast, but it has come with a few bumps in the road and a whole lot of learning going on. I had never really used the Science Fiction companion or its extension all that much, and there are a few weird peculiarities that caught me off guard which took time for me to understand what was happening. Incidentally, that understanding was achieved after +Eric Lamoureux dropped a brick on my head.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Day 11 #RPGaDAY

The answer to this today for me isn't so much the effect on the way I play, but more about the effect on my level of participation in games and in the gaming community. I am going to have to call out +Damian Hupfeld and +Eric Lamoureux on this.

Two years ago when I first came across Fantasy Grounds, I hadn't seriously in a couple years, that changed quickly. From being introduced to the Castles & Crusades and Savage Worlds via some one shots they ran to their endless energy in running new game, to their presence on the forums has been a force in me becoming more active - not just on the forums as my post counts climbs, but participating actively in the G+ communities I am a member,

From the early stages as I leaned how to input my home brew materials into FG, then eventually start making m own product conversions, then starting my own blog about progress on my conversions, and even now as I close in on the completion on my third project.

Their patience, crticism, advice and general all around help has been a fantastic source of support, and with that kick in the ass when I needed it has been of immeasurable help.

So thanks, and hat's off to you guys.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Day 10 #RPGaDay

Largest in game surprise I have experienced?

This one took a lot of thinking, I was originally trying to think of surprises I have pulled on players but really couldn't come up with any really good ones. So I had to go with one where, a good friend and I as players surprised the players in the group.

Waaaayy back in high school, pre-2nd edition AD&D days my good friend Chris (we have been friends for almost 40 years) and I played in multiple groups. One of the campaigns we were involved in the GM ran two totally different groups in the same home brew world. The groups had heard of the other's exploits, but had never crossed paths at all. Our characters were a pair of brothers who were both fighter types and after several years of campaigning two or three times a week were both fairly well about level 15 or so. We weren't exactly saints....but not too evil either.

Being all army brats, the members of the groups tended to fluctuate somewhat and this particular summer the other players in this group had moved away. The second group our GM ran also lost a couple of players and were at a point where they needed some extra muscle for a particularly nasty expedition. It also helped that both our characters were very familiar with the area the group was going to. So the GM brought us into the other group.

Now we knew of one or two of the players but had never played with them. Our two brothers join the group and guide them to the area they were interested in. A freaking huge dungeon our GM delighted in constantly adding to and/or changing (think Undermountain or Rappan Athuk huge).

So after several sessions, the others hadn't actually realized that their two new beat'em ups were brothers. We didn't tell them, cause well, they never asked. The party was holed up in a fairly large room, and had just surprised and captured some underlings of the BBEG they were after.

The others being of good alignment and disposition questioned the prisoners nicely and had not received any real answers from them. The players were discussing their options when my buddy Chris decides to take matters into his own hands.

He walks up to the prisoners and points at one of them and says to him, "You're going to tell me what we want to know." He then promptly smashes the ankles of the prisoner next to him. Chris looks back at the first prisoner and says, "Cause once I break every bone in his body, I am going to start with yours."

This gets the attention of the other players, meanwhile I am sitting off in the corner minding my own business. The argument that ensues was funny as hell, and Chris keeps basically telling them he is going to get the info one or another, if they don't like it they can look the other way. Chris takes another swing at the maimed prisoner, and one of the other players sticks his shield in the way to block the attack and announces, "He swung at me first, so I am attacking" This sets off a messy in party fight.

I am still minding my own business in the corner, and one of the players has a sudden gleam of intelligence and says, "I am going to go sit in the corner and read my play-elf." In the fight that followed four characters attacked Chris, with the one dude in the corner and I taking it all in. Before they killed Chris' character he was able to kill one of them and wounded the others.

After a few minutes there are three wounded PC's looking  down at the dead bodies of two other characters, and they begin discussing how they were going to split up the loot and get their dead friend brought back to life.

Enter my character....."I just have one question for you guys."

They all turn and look at me.

"Now that you killed my brother, who do I kill first?"

The looks on their faces was awesome, and when it was over I had my choice of some pretty cool loot.

Oh, and the guy reading the play-elf got some nice stuff too after I had him carry my brother's body all the way back to town.

Best part of it all - nobody went away mad.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Day 8...The easiest question of them all for me

Today's question: hardcover, softcover or digital? Easy - all of them. I love books, and I love reading. I am not above owning multiple copies of a book in different formats. I am a proverbial kid in the candy store when I go into a book store or a game store.

Having said that, the bulk of my book purchases in the last three of four years have been digital. Partly because the nearest FLGS is a 30 minute drive on a good day, partly because of the cost of shipping. When it costs more to ship a book to me than the book costs, then its time to "settle" for the digital copy.

If I local group that played regularly then I would actually eat the extra cost to have the real deal in my hands. Currently, my only play time is on line so digital works. Plus it is way easier to do conversions for Fantasy Grounds with a digital copy - be interesting to try and do a conversion on a hard cover though.

New laptop, The Last Parsec, and a theme extension

Its really funny how that old cliche "you don't know what you have until its gone" continues to ring true. In my case, its more I didn't realize how much stuff I actually did on my old laptop until it finally gave stopped working.  I did almost all my conversion work on it, moving to the main computer occasionally. Generally, any image work tended to be on my main rig as it was far more capable than the old laptop for that stuff.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 #RPGaDAY 7 Aug

Today's question: What aspect has had the biggest affect on me?

Personally, I am going to have to say the biggest effect on me has been pushing the boundaries of my creativity and imagination. I have also stepped outside my comfort zones at different times over the years. From the time I was three I have always enjoyed reading - yes I started early, and I am still a voracious devourer of books.

Once I started playing 1st edition AD&D back in the day, it was almost as if the beast within was released. I started world building, writing adventures and stories to fill those worlds. Right from the start I wanted to contribute to the hobby somehow. Way back when Dragon and Dungeon magazines were still TSR products, I even submitted several articles and adventures. Looking back now, those admissions were pretty amateurish and its a good thing they never actually got published.

I have not really finished travelling that road though, it has just gone in a different route than I originally envisioned. I have one completed conversion available for +Fantasy Grounds, another one for the gang at +Just Insert Imagination is in the queue for review before being published. I also have a "small" list of other products I would love to convert as well.

The itch to write is there, I have been working off and on for a couple of weeks on a really big Weird Wars Rome plot point campaign, and there a couple non rpg projects being worked on slowly, but progress is being made.

Friday, 5 August 2016



Today's question: What story does your group tell about your character?

This one is a bit more difficult to answer for me. If I had to go with something recent, I think I would have to go back to the first session of +JC Locke's Beasts and Barbarians game. In the arena, my character, a dashing rogue from the under streets of nowhere and everywhere, happened to be an alcoholic. So as we begin the fight for our lives in the arena, I haven't had a drink in a couple of days and am suffering from the DTs and going through withdrawl.

Part way through the fight, after I had taken down one or two bad guys, the other heroes had the situation well in hand. More than half the bad guys were still alive and active, including a really big scorpion. I go running at the arena wall and scrambled into the stands grabbing all the drinks I can find to quench my thirst. Panicked spectators were running everywhere, though I think they were more running because the arena was falling down around the their heads.

Still did more than that cowardly, useless sorcerer.

That session was full of hilarity and epic moments all around.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

RPGaDAY day 4


Most Impressive thing another persons character did? I think it would have to be the entire group's play during a Beasts and Barbarians game run by +JC Locke.

We started off the game as prisoners to be sacrificed in an arena to the scorpion god of some cult. From the get go the party took it too those pesky cultists (okay, really the sorcerer went hid behind the biggest pillar he could find)

+Skip Voyer+Matt Stark+Lan Kelly +Eric Lamoureux and +Daniel McLaughlin

Hopefully we get to play some more of this!

Recorded session here

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

#RPGaDay #RPGaDAY2016

3 August, Proudest Character moment: Hmm, 35 years worth of gaming and the highs and lows that your characters will encounter. I am going to have to go with something from about a year and half ago.

Playing in +Eric Lamoureux' Weird Wars Rome The Half Set Sun. My character was the Decanus elevated to lead a century of my fellow legionnaires in retaking a backwater district of Aegyptus back from the treacherous Nubians.

I had to lead the century in the retaking of a series of Roman forts and a couple of local villages while keeping my losses as low as possible as I wasn't going to be getting any reserves. I wracked my brain and pored over the shared campaign map between every session working out plans and contingencies for every what if I could think of.

The effort of my planning paid off, we got some really nice modifiers to my Knowledge Battle rolls meaning we captured most of our objectives with very minimal losses. It was our group of heroes that took the most beating, and we were a little on the slow side to catch on when the weirdness started to happen.

We never got to finish that plot point campaign, but it was a blast. When the campaign stopped I still had almost all of my original force after seizing four of the forts and two villages. All the heroes were battered and bruised but still on their feet.

It was a blast to play.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


My answer to today's question is pretty easy for me to come up with. Its not just a single session, but a weekend of sessions...FG-Con 8.

Here is why

Looking forward to FG-Con9 this October, and if my time permits I plan on running a game this time around.