Thursday, 16 June 2016

Some updates to the blog site.

Yes, I tinkered the look of the blog again. While I didn't mind the all black theme I had going on, it felt a little two dark to me. The ad-sense ads are gone. I don't have enough viewers yet to even try making money from those types of adds. To add a bit further information, I didn't start doing this to make money. There are all kinds of sites floating around telling you the do's and don'ts of blogging, and I am pretty sure I am breaking them all.

Again, not really concerned about it. I did however, make some changes to the banner that I had at the bottom. It is now two different banners to the Drivethrurpg website with my affiliate number attached. Theoretically, if someone was to click the link and buy something within a certain amount of time then I would get store credit. If I do ever start accumulating store credit it will just be used to purchase more material, either to convert or maybe write a review of some kind here.

I also don't remember if I talked about the other page I added yet or not. It just basically lists the projects I have ongoing and has their status.

So bear with me through these changes and I am sure there are more to come. I have a couple ideas for the overall background of the site, but I will need to look more into how to integrate it as I am going el cheapo here and still on the free site. Someday, I may look at setting up my own hosted service.

If you see any changes that want to make you tear your eyeballs out, please be sure an tell me. What I think looks great may not look good to the other users of the interwebz.