Thursday, 9 June 2016

Down to 41 days.

Down to 41 days left until I an officially a civilian for the first time since I took the Oath of Allegiance in May 1992. It has not been an easy transition at all, notwithstanding the mental and physical heath problems that brought me to this point. Systems and processes in place to help the ease that transition just seem to fail,

Time sensitive paperwork I was required to have completed to take advantage of certain vocational retraining and education opportunities have been eaten by that massive tree killing bureaucracy that every government department is. I got told today to resubmit the paperwork and try again. It takes 4-6 weeks for them pencil pushing idiots to process the paperwork. So if I go through the process to try and get it done and resubmit the paperwork tomorrow. Sometime between 8 July and 22 July they will have it all sorted out.

My release date is 21 July, So, I am not really sure how that is going to help me out at all.

The next kicker, that exact document which has all kinds of personal and medical information on it is "missing", is required by the government agency that is supposed to look after I am release. This includes spot up to two years of some sort of training. It can pretty much be anything, but must be in some tied into your military career - things office administration, heavy equipment operator, - you get the idea. So they haven't received any of the paper work either, I have had a couple of verbal "offline" discussions with their office and have gotten the old "can't do much until we get your file"

They disliked what I had to say at that point so much, I am not allowed to report to my many medical appointments on base unescorted.

All of this just pushes a brother back a couple steps, or more. Steps that may have taken months to even begin to take,  Not sure if I will be seeing the same doctor when I go for my next appointment so I will be pretty much starting back of the beginning,

The ones you do see, all they want to do is throw pills at you. A barely functional band aid solution. I am literally on a crazy concoction of drugs. Mood stabilization drugs to control both severe anger and depression. One to take away nightmares, that I didn't know I was having. After all these I am still unable to regulate my sleep, so I get sleepy time pills too. Finally, due to severe arthritic degradation in both knees and ankles I have to a pile of anti- inflammatory and pain meds just to be able to spend twenty minutes or so of standing/walking at a time.

Disability paperwork filed in December, that is supposed to have a 16 week turn around time Veteran's Affairs took almost 7 months. My disabilities while incurred due to service aren't worthy of a pension or assistance.

Say what?? So another lengthy conversation followed. That was quickly followed a phone call to the Bureau of Pension Advocates. It will be a few weeks till get all the paperwork they need then see what happens there.

So for the last couple of weeks old Perry has been a very angry, bitter, jerk and not very fun to be around. I stepped back to lurk on forums and the communities here a bit more so I didn't say anything I shouldn't. Taking that time try and bring myself down from those levels of energy charged emotions.

I have kept slowly plugging on the Winter Eternal conversion, so more news will be forthcoming in the next couple of days.