Monday, 9 May 2016

Thirteenth Post!

So here we are at post number thirteen. I keep trying tweak the look and layout of the blog slightly. Probably be much easier if I was better versed in HTML. Ads are live, but I am not all sure about them. My piece of the web and its visitors aren't really big enough to make them worthwhile but they are no cost to me. If something looks off let me know in the comments.

Anyways, onto the reason the vast majority of my reader base is interested in - today's update on Winter Eternal. The weather was pretty decent on the weekend, so there wasn't as much accomplished over the last for or five days as I would have liked. The good news is that quite a bit did get completed.

First up is a screen shot of both the random ruin generation tables. Now these are based on cards, so it is beyond my abilities, at this time, to try and create some Lua scripts to make these clickable for the GM. I am not even sure if that is even possible. The table for the red shard mutation effects IS clickable for the GM, and as you can see by the screen shot it spits out the results in chat.

The next screenshot is where you will notice most of the additions. I have the artwork, bestiary and the four adventures left to actually input. The basic structure is in place for all of those, the data just needs to be entered. Of these the bestiary will actually be the most work both in terms of time required and amount of data entry required for each of the critters in the setting book and adventure guide. The reason the entries from the Winter Eternal setting guide have their own headings underneath the "Game Master Section" is simply space. Those entries tended to be multi-page in the PDF so it only made sense to have them open in their own window. The information in the "Dangerous Places and People of the Wastelands" were only a few paragraphs each; to me it didn't make sense for each one to have a separate window. I am going to try and keep the number of windows required for each of the adventures down as much as possible as well. Ochlandis' Schema is quite an extensive adventure so it will prove the most difficult to keep the clicking to minimum.

I am still going to try and keep to the timeline I mentioned in the last update on this, so I would like to be done around the 18th of May.

Any suggestions on the next project? I know +Eric Lamoureux and a couple other people would like to see Beasts and Barbarians by GRAmel converted. I do have that PDF, so it is a possibility. I also have the Shaintar setting PDF, but that will take some Lua scripting- that means that one will take me a while. I also have the Accursed setting by Melior Via that is on my "want to do" list.

I know that for Accursed, SmiteWorks would have to work out a licensing deal with Melior Via, but I am not sure if there is a license for GRAmel products. To be honest I haven't looked too much into the large catalog for FG,

At this point I do not have any knowledge of the status of Weird Wars Rome either, so no news on that front.

As always feel free to comment or direct hate mail my way.