Monday, 30 May 2016

Eleven days since the last post

It's been a long eleven days since I last posted, and I haven't completed as much work as I would have liked. My wife and I have been doing a bit of travelling and making some familial "must do" social calls, it hasn't left me much in the way of time get any serious amount of work done. Then of course it doesn't help that +Eric Lamoureux got me side tracked playing Civilization 5. So I have wasted most of the free time I did have playing that game. I am eagerly anticipating the release of Civ 6, it is way past time for an update to the game.

Among all that I have been jotting down some notes, I have been thinking about creating a plot point campaign for Weird Wars Rome that covers Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars (58-50 BC). The "Marius Mules" series of books by S.J.A. Turney provided the inspiration for this idea, which right now is in the very early stages. The series itself is based upon "Commentarrii de Bello Gallico" or in English, "Commentary on the Gallic War" seven books written by Julius Caesar, and an eighth one written by Aulus Hirtius after Caesar's death. Both series of books, the fiction and diary, provide a bunch of plot hooks and red herrings on which to build a plot point campaign that lasts the nine years of Caesar's invasions.

In that same vein, I have also got some rough notes down for a PPC based around the events in Anthony Riches "Wounds of Honour" series, which for the most part takes place in Roman Britain, with some action in Italy and the eastern fringes of the Empire in the late 2nd century AD, Again, the series is full of plot hooks on which to build the plot point campaign. So, I really need to crack the proverbial whip and get writing.

I have parts of a couple one shot adventures roughed out as well, I might mess with the ideas a bit to fit them into one of the two plot point campaigns. The Weird Wars settings don't get enough love from Pinnacle in my opinion, That love is about to lessened somewhat by the crazy Savage Rifts kickstarter which I did back at the digital player level.

I am looking at running a one shot or two in an upcoming FG Daze or FG Con, likely which ever one occurs first to get my feet wet on the GM side of the house. To support that I am going to go upgrade to ultimate license some time soon, with any luck,

The Winter Eternal conversion is still moving along, though not as fast as I would like, Again, time to crack that proverbial whip and get my ass in gear, The NPCs have all been, the bestiary entries are nearly complete. For them, it's mostly a matter of making sure I didn't forget any links or abilities. Unfortunately, as I am still on mobile I have no pretty pictures today. I should be able to get a short update out on tuesday with some screen caps for the interested readers.

As always feel free to comment and flame away.