Sunday, 24 April 2016

Winter Eternal - Update 2

I know you have been waiting impatiently to see this update. Here it is. Over Friday and Saturday I was able to get a fair amount done - actually it was a lot more than I though I would have done.

Most of my time on Friday was spent trying to figure out why I couldn't get columns to line up on the equipment tables. The tables would end up looking like this screen shot.

That is from the Deadlands Reload Player Guide, the equipment tables I did for Weird Wars Rome look the same way, so I am going to have to go fix those now that I know what the problem is. I'll likely offer to fix the tables in the other Core or setting books as well - since I do have the time.

Figuring out the problem was frustrating and irritating as hell. Not sure why it didn't bug me as much working on WWR than it did this time. There was no way in hell I was going to let the tables look like that again. I spent 2-3 hours adjusting table and column widths trying to get the weights to line up properly. Once I tried to force an invisible fourth column things to started to fall into place pretty quickly after that. The problem and solution, if you are interested can be found in here

All the new edge and hindrances added in the Winter Eternal book are drag and drop, as are all the items listed on the equipment tables. 

I am roughly half way through the gazetteer chapter of the setting having just completed the sub chapter on the 8 cities, still need to do Organizations through to the Horror, then finally the chapter on Magic.

For the Wilderness and the Cities and Civilization sub chapters I chose to go with the expandable indexes because it seems to make more sense. Only a few of those sections are more than a couple of paragraphs, I think its better for the user to have it this way versus opening a whole new page for each of them. The 8 Cities, however, have a whole lot more info for them so each one got its own page.

Other than what I mentioned above, everything visible in the screen shot is complete, and I should have the Player Guide portion of the setting complete tomorrow some time.

Even given the issues I had with the equipment tables things moved along this weekend far faster than I was expecting. Part of this, I think, comes from lessons learned working on Weird Wars Rome - I am spending far less time on trying to understand where I screwed up the syntax than I did on that project, and most of the time now if a window doesn't do what I was expecting I am able to have a pretty good idea of the problem before I even look at the XML. As a result the errors are corrected faster.

Comments, suggestions, flames?