Monday, 28 March 2016

The Roman Empire and I

I mentioned in my first post that I have always loved reading, and that I enjoy history. I am particularly interested in the Roman Empire. To me its a fascinating time period. Yet another reason why I wanted to start work on the xml version of Weird Wars Rome for Fantasy Grounds.
So today I thought I would share some of the authors whose books I have immensely enjoyed reading…specifically the books around the time of the Roman Empire.
Ben Kane  His Forgotten Legion series is fantastic, set about the time of the rise and fall of Julius Caesar. With Hannibal and Rome he does an awesome job describing the 2nd Punic War – Hannibal’s invasion of Italy and the intertwined lives of people on both sides of that fight. Spartacus, well that guy doesn’t need much of an introduction – go read this series. I have yet to delve into his Eagles at War series, which is set around the loss of 3 legions in the Teutoborg Forest.
Anthony Riches and his eight book set Wounds of Honour are a magnificent look at late 2nd century activities in Britannia and beyond for an auxilia cohort and its Roman officers. He owns a complete set of modern replicas of the equipment of a legionnaire and walked the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall a couple of times for charity.
SJA Turney and his series Marius’ Mules are an interesting look at Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars and his failed invasions of Britannia. It also delves somewhat into the politics of Rome and the power plays going on behind the scenes.
I know there are more out there, like Simon Scarrow and Gordon Doherty. I just haven’t gotten to either getting any of their books, or gotten around to reading the books of theirs that I do have.