Monday, 28 March 2016

First….a little about me

I apologize to those few folks that stumble across my own little piece of internet fame, I am not sure what kind of adds you'll see here yet.
Since May of 1992 I have served as an infantryman in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Been to a few ugly places in this world, and seen a few nasty things. Its been a fun ride, and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to wear the uniform. I won’t pretend it was all fun and games, nor will I pretend that I necessarily agreed with whatever mission I was on at the time. When I enlisted, I knew what I was in for. My father wore the uniform for 44 years. Every journey comes to an end at some point, the end of my current one is fast approaching. 21 July 2016 will be my last day in the CAF. My body can no longer take the punishment I have put it through, and its letting me know in no uncertain terms.
Due to some health reasons I haven’t actually worn the uniform in a year, and haven’t actually been able to work since the beginning of December last year while I focus on regaining some modicum of health and sanity.
I have enjoyed reading and writing all my life. I started reading early, a habit eagerly encouraged by my parents. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog off and on for a couple of years. Both the medical professionals that I see and my wife have been encouraging me to do so to keep my brain active. I finally decided to make the plunge.
What finally made me do it?
I am a huge fan of role playing games of all types, and have been playing a variety of games since the summer of 1981. Two years ago during a sale on Steam (I like computers and computer games too) I stumbled across a piece of software called Fantasy Grounds (FG) My initial forays into the world of the virtual table top I will save for another post. To this point I have only been involved as a player. Just joined a Castles and Crusades game, also play in a Deadlands Reloaded at the moment. In January I began to work on inputting some of my own home brew setting stuff that I have been working on infrequently since my first days in rpgs.
Shortly after that, I decided I was going to create a module for use in FG literally from the ground up. Since the modules are built using xml, I began by looking at the structure of existing modules. Around the middle of February I actually started to do the work, and I chose the Weird Wars Rome setting for the Savage Worlds game from Pinnacle Entertainment.
Why that particular choice? I am kind of a history lover, and really enjoyed the setting when I was in a game using  it. Also, it didn’t appear anyone else was doing that particular book. It started out for my own personal use, and still is. If it makes it to the FG store and someone else can use it as well – even better. As I worked away it, I posted regular updates on the FG forums and not that long ago I realized it was kind of like a mini blog.
So here we are. I have bored you enough, welcome to My Own Little World where I babble on about whatever comes to mind. Feel welcome to leave comments, critiques and hate mail!